About me

My name is John Hager, and if there is anyone in this world who believes Bob Marley’s words of “one love” in relation to this universe, it is me. Though I am originally from Leeds in the UK, I have spent the entirety of my adult life traveling the world in search of the biggest passion in my life – cannabis. My travels around the world have led me to have hands on experience with cannabis around the world. I have lived in various different cannabis subcultures and have had to follow the laws regarding cannabis in many different places around the world.

This year, if you could not guess it, I have been residing in Jamaica, where surprisingly, cannabis has only become legal in the last few years. Here on the sandy shores of this Caribbean paradise, I have gotten to interact with a cannabis culture that is known worldwide, that is legendary. It is here that I have truly come to the conclusion that I have been absolutely blessed in some way or another in my life, as I have done nothing but gotten to live my passion. Recently, my girlfriend Nancy has come into the picture – I met her just across the gulf over in New Orleans several years ago, and she has come alongside me as my copilot ever since. I am proud to say that I have a wonderful relationship, a job that I love, and plenty of great memories and stories to share with my kids when I have them, after Nancy and I have eventually settled down, and it is all thanks to cannabis. This wonderful plant has given me the freedom to truly see myself for who I am, to be honest with myself about my goals, the ability to make my goals a reality, and has connected me with people worldwide. I am passionate about sharing its benefits with people from all four corners of the globe, and have made it my mission to do so in person and on the net.

Cannabis first came into my life when it came into most people’s; when I was a teenager. I grew up listening to the music of The Beatles and Pink Floyd like many did, so it was no surprise when I got into the higher grades that cannabis kind of just snuck its way into my social scene. I was always a curious and open minded type of kid, so there was not any big moral dilemma the first time someone passed a joint my way, but the revelation that soon followed was second to none. I had had a football injury earlier that year, and the recovery was giving me a heck of a time. After a few hits from the joint, I was feeling no pain, and my mind was going at a million miles a minute for new songs to write and things to do.

It was like I had found a key to enjoying my life that I did not know could exist, and I wondered why there was so much misinformation out there about it. That is why I decided to start my lifelong adventure of truth-seeking about cannabis around the globe, and have used a variety of artistic and trade skills that I’ve picked up along the way to make a living while I’m in any one place while entrenching myself in the local cannabis culture. I’ve found that the many different ways this plant is enjoyed around the world blend together much like the hybrid strains that you are able to find floating about in the market – generally, combining two different sides of the culture or practices makes the experience all the more enjoyable! This great unifying plant has charmed my life, and I love sharing how.